Chris Griffith-CQTP, MI

Chris Griffith has been a gifted healer since childhood. He has always found areas where people
need attention and helped to provide additional energy to allow that person to heal themselves. As he
began to get older, he started using his gifts more and brought about more abilities. These abilities
grow more every day. He is an avid runner and enjoys participating in the running community.
Chris is a talented Medical Intuitive and energy worker. He works with subtle energetic
connections and interprets what is happening directly in YOUR body. (See: What is a Medical Intuitive?)
He helps to create a fully customized plan that will help restore your physical, mental, emotional, and
spiritual balance. He works to evaluate your true need for herbs and supplements and will make
suggestions accordingly. He can work hand-in-hand with you to adjust your diet, nutrition, and exercise
plan to help initiate balance within yourself.